Reviews by Author

Asher, Jay - Thirteen Reasons Why

Bard, Elizabeth - Lunch in Paris:  A Love Story, with Recipes
Bigelow, Susan J. - Broken
Buzo, Laura - Good Oil (Australia); Love and Other Perishable Items (U.S.)

Chayil, Eishes - Hush 
Condie, Ally - Crossed
Condie, Ally - Matched 
Cremer, Andrea - Nightshade
Crowley, Cath - Graffiti Moon 

Davis, Rebecca Fjelland - Chasing AllieCat 
DeStefano, Lauren - Wither 
Donnelly, Jennifer - Revolution 
Downham, Jenny - You Against Me 

Eagar, Kirsty - Raw Blue
Eagar. Kirsty - Saltwater Vampires

Fitzpatrick, Becca - Hush, Hush 
Forman, Gayle - If I Stay 
Forman, Gayle - Where She Went 
Frost, Jeaniene - This Side of the Grave 

Gaiman, Neil - Coraline 
Garcia, Cristina - Dreams of Significant Girls 

Hall, Leanne - This Is Shyness 
Howard, Amalie  - Bloodspell 
Hubbard, Kirsten - Like Mandarin 



Kalhan, Savita - The Long Weekend 
Karr, Julia - XVI  
Keplinger, Kody - The DUFF 


Marchetta, Melina - Jellicoe Road 
Marchetta, Melina - The Piper's Son 
Marchetta, Melina - Saving Francesca 
Mariz, Rae- The Unidentified 
Marr, Shirley - Fury 
McCafferty, Megan - Bumped 

Neill, Chloe - Some Girls Bite


Oliver, Lauren- Delirium 

Parker, Amy Christine - Gated 
Pfeffer, Susan Beth - Blood Wounds



Reed, Amy - Clean
Rosenthal, Lorraine Zago - Other Words for Love 
Roth, Veronica - Divergent 
Ryan, Carrie - The Forest of Hands and Teeth 

Scott, Jess C. - The Other Side of Life
Sepetys, Ruta - Between Shades of Gray 
Shepard, Sara - The Lying Game 
Smibert, Angie - Memento Nora 
Summers, Courtney - Fall for Anything 






Young, Moira - Blood Red Road


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