Dear Concerned Sir/Madam:

Know the Facts.
Feel the Love.
Stop the Judgment.
I saw/heard your concerned-annoyed-condescending (please choose one) look and /or comment when you saw me in the young adult literature section.  Please, I know your time is valuable, and since you bothered yourself over my reading tastes, allow me a moment to explain why I read this wonderful genre.

Do you remember your high school, college, and just-out-of-college years?  Do you remember what you did during them?  If you were like me, you did some stuff you were proud of, some you blush at and some you still laugh about.  There are stories you love to rehash at any opportunity and others you hope will never see the light of day.  During your hijinks and mishaps, did you ever realize that you actually were building you?  Later on, you get caught up in the real world, its stresses and the minute, everyday commitments.
How did I get so tired? 

Where did the time go?
We sometimes forget about the secret parts of ourselves that dreamed of a different life or maybe even a better self.  It’s not that we would trade what we have; it’s more about making the transition into a steady, regular life and being content. We no longer face the constant challenge of the unknown.  We no longer anticipate.  We forget our youthful passions.  We forget how to appreciate what's around us.  Sometimes, we fall in the cracks and become people we really wouldn’t be proud to know. 

Reading YA literature helps me stay a sympathetic and open minded person.  It helps me count my blessings and keeps me in touch with the ideal ‘me’, the person whom my younger self wanted to become and would be proud to know.  Life’s most basic lessons are the hardest to master and the ones you have to learn over and over.  YA lit is the genre that reminds me of this again and again.

Plus, it’s some of the best stuff out there right now.  Don’t believe me?  Read on.

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  1. Ha! Thanks for putting this up here, I could hardly make it out on the pamphlet.