Hi, I'm Lindsay, a bona fide news junkie and book lover. I grew up and still live in the Pittsburgh area, but I've also has lived in Colorado, New Mexico and Ohio.  Former journalist and constant wanderer (and wonderer), I now do the occasional freelance communications & marketing gig while being an at-home mom to my baby boy.  I would love to be a librarian, but higher education is expensive!  Imagination has been my best friend since I started thinking, and books have been my partners-in-crime since age seven.  I wish my literary equivalent was Katniss, but I'm probably more like Hermione (but not quite that bad of a know-it-all).

Want to get in contact with me?  The social media icons in my sidebar are the best way, or you can drop me a line at bibliophile[dot]brouhaha[at]gmail[dot]come.

P.S. I know from personal experience how hard it can be to blog all by yourself.  To that end. if you love reading and enjoy writing and want to give this blogging thing a shot without having to do the set-up, drop me line!  I would love to have a co-blogger or two with me here at Bibliophile Brouhaha!  Thanks!