Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lit News To Note 07.07.2011

General 'This & That' News

Did you miss the Meghan Cox Gurdon and Maureen Johnson talk on WHYY over darkness in YA?  Here you go for the full audio: "Is Young Adult Fiction Too Dark?"   Also Lauren Myracle was on NPR's Talk of the Nation, as well: "YA Author Apologizes To 'Wall Street Journal' Critic".  Both audio and article are included.

Also, this radio station is some kind of awesome, because today. Push author Sapphire will be on to discuss her new book, The Kid: "Sapphire's "The Kid" chronicles life of Precious' son". If you don't know, Push is the book on which that the critically acclaimed film Precious was based.  I believe the program starts at 11:00am EST.  Also, here is an article with audio from NPR: "Sapphire Releases Graphic Sequel To 'Push'".

The Wall Street Journal has noticed the buzz around John Green's latest: "Tweeting from a La-Z-Boy, An Unfinished Book Hits No.1"

We had The Giver: The Movie news last week, and this week, it's, "New Musical 'The Giver' To Make West Coast Premiere At COC".

Oh boy, this sounds like one to watch.  From the The "OFT set to probe Book Depository deal" and "Book Depository to "operate independently" of Amazon".  Here's the latest from "BA and PA set to oppose Amazon-Book Depository merger". 

Very nicely done op-ed piece on Daniel Radcliffe's recent admission that he struggled with alcohol.  From Salon: "Daniel Radcliffe: Young and sober"

Oh boy, get ready to squeee.  From the "Sneak peek at new 'Twilight Breaking Dawn' posters – photos".

Op-ed piece from The Wall Street Journal: "Cherish the Book Publishers—You'll Miss Them When They're Gone".

I love this piece by Stephen Kind done for Entertainment Weekly: "J.K. Rowling's Ministry of Magic".

From The Economist: "Goodbye to bricks and mortar."

via Shelf Awareness

From The National Post's lit blog, The Afterward: "Margaret Atwood is Canada’s most popular BBQ guest".

From HuffPost Books: "8 Fascinating Facts You Probably Don't Know About Famous Authors".

From Entertainment Weekly: "'Harry Potter': Sneak peek at Harry's Gringotts Bank break-in -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO".

From The Guardian: "Rupert Grint on the end of Ron Weasley: 'It's like grieving'".

Woot!  Go free press and access to info!  From CNN: "Our favorite banned books in Hong Kong and China; Savvy mainland tourists come to Hong Kong to spree at book stores for these censored tome"

Amazing.  A new, permanent exhibit at the Children's Book Museum in The Hague: "A Museum Exhibit On Books, Made Of 40,000 Books".

This is cool.  From "'Harry Potter': 23 Astounding Props".

via Publishers Weekly

Boo - this one is for subscribers only, but it looks like a good article: "YA Series Making Fast Tracks". 

Oh, YEA, for Kate!  "Kate Middleton's Fondness for 'Anne of Green Gables'"  The Duchess of Cambridge has good taste in something other than clothes!

Award Winners Announced

The The Romance Writers of  America announced the winners of the RITA Awards for 2011.  The winner in the Young Adult category is The Iron King by Julie Kagawa.  The winner of the Golden Heart for Young Adult Romance is Irresistible by Suzanne Kaufman Kalb.

The Canada Council for the Arts has announced the recipients of the 2011 Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Awards.  The Awards, Awards, worth $15,000, are awarded annually starting in 2005 for outstanding artistic achievement by Canadian mid-career artists in the disciplines of Dance, Inter-Arts, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts and Writing and Publishing."  The winner of the writing and publishing category this year is Duncan Thornton, a the author of 1999 YA offering Kalifax.  Read more from the Winnipeg Free Press.

Cover Reveals (pssst - the Penguin catalog for Spring 2012 is out - behold the glory for more fun cover reveals)

The cover for Truth, the sequel to Julia Karr's XVI, was revealed on Tuesday:

The cover the The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler was also revealed:


  1. I have not heard that radio interview but I will listen it. Thanks for the link!

  2. Ooooo I love that cover for truth! I like that it keeps with XVI but is still different and interesting:) Normally the image inside type thing doesn't work for me, it makes the type hard to read, but I really like it here:) And there are too many good links up there for me to even beginning commenting on them. I need a whole afternoon just to click them one after the other!

  3. Could The Future of Us cover be anymore craptastic?

    Great links Linds. I'm really not sure that bedroom scene from Breaking Dawn should be a poster, but I guess that is what the fans want.

    I didn't know Daniel Radcliffe had a drinking problem? I'll need to check out that article, along with the 8 fascinating things.

    Thanks for the lit crack, my friend.

  4. You are beyond awesome, Linds. Thank you SO much for the links to the NPR podcast. I sadly missed both of them and I love Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. I also squeed as a fangirl for John Green's latest book. I have an author crush on him for quite sometime.

    I also had no clue about Daniel Radcliffe had a drinking problem. You'd think it would pop up everyone on People, etc. Glad he came out with it instead of it being "discovered".

  5. I love that book exhibition made of books! I think I'll do a post on it. Thanks for the links.

  6. I'm irritated that NPR titled it's article YA author apologizes to WSJ columnist. It makes it seem like NPR is supporting Gurdon...NPR should know better.

  7. @Savy - enjoy!

    @Jenny - I like XVI's better - guess I just like the darker background, but I like that it's an inverse of of it. good lord, woman, don't comment on them all!!! Just go enjoy them :)

    @Missie - *snicker* I didn't think it was that bad, but I didn't think it was that good, either! Enjoy your drug of choice.

    @Rummanah Aasi - Enjoy the links - doesn't take that long to do now that I've cut out 'reviews to note':) Uh, yeah, on the DR thing. Sounds like a good guy who might be getting his crap together!

    @Holly - glad you liked it - have fun with your post!

    @Alison - That's what I thought, too!!!! It seemed like a slightly biased headline to me, as well!


  8. So many links that I want to visit. I am going to be busy this weekend.

    And I am with Missie there about the bedroom scene of Breaking Dawn being made into a poster. Hmmmm :/

  9. I have to say that I'm glad Daniel Radcliffe was able to get his drinking in check because to lose talent like that this young would be a shame. Very honorable of him to admit it and move on.

  10. A sequel to 'Push,' after all these years? I read that book in, like, 1997. It's been a long time.

  11. I'm not a fan of The Future of Us cover...

    Breaking Dawn posters...they're really pushing it having Edward and Bella in bed on one.

  12. The girl on the cover of Truth looks so freaking uncomfortable.

    Thanks for collecting all this news so I could continue being lazy.

  13. Thanks for this, haven't seen the cover for Truth yet