Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lit News To Note 06.16.2011

General 'This & That' News

Well, it had to happen.  NPR finally ran something on the whole #YAsaves thing. Twice.  Once on their blog, Monkey Sees, with this post by Linda Holmes, "Seeing Teenagers As We Wish They Were: The Debate Over YA Fiction,"  and again on their radio show, Tell Me More, where they hosted, "Meghan Cox Gurdon, who wrote "Darkness Too Visible" in the Wall Street Journal and Christopher John Farley, editorial director of the Wall Street Journal's blogs. Also joining the conversation are acclaimed young adult author Patricia McCormick and young adult librarian Candice Mack."  Click to listern to, "The Dangers, Values Of Dark Teen Lit". 

ALSO, Entertainment Weekly nabbed an interview with Thirteen Reasons Why author Jay Asher on his reaction to the now notorious Wall Street Times op-ed piece: "'Thirteen Reasons Why' author Jay Asher responds to controversial anti-YA article: 'I got very upset'"  His best-selling debut novel was recently released in paperback, and EW did a separate piece with him on the book, "Why teen-suicide novel 'Thirteen Reasons Why' is saving lives: An interview with Jay Asher". It's a great interview, and I highly recommend reading it (read my review of Thirteen Reasons Why).

I really loved this article from The Ocean City Patch about how YA author Carol Plum-Ucci feels about setting - both in her books and how it influences her writing: "For Author Carol Plum-Ucci, A Sense of Place Matters, and Her Place Now is Ocean City". Plum-Ucci is the author of many books, including the 2001 Printz honoree The Body of Christopher Creed.

Today (as in the morning MSNBC television show) recently posted, "Teen moms? Killer kids? 6 best young adult novels — for adults".  I kind of want to have a wittle tawlk with them for including Sweet Valley Confidential in there.  Cringe - someone had their nostalgia cap on a bit too tight, eh?  Not too shabby on the other picks, though!

Like nonfiction?  I do!  Check out this article from The Guardian, "The 100 greatest non-fiction books".

Another good one in The Guardian, "Don Calame's top 10 funny teen boy books".

Holy. Shite.  How jealous am I of anyone who's going to Comi-Con 2011 in San Diego next month?  Here's why, or rather, here's who, as in, who will be there: Veronica Roth, Andrea Cremer and Stephanie Perkins.  Did someone say 'YA panel'?  Read on at MTV for more: "'Twilight' At Comic-Con: Here's What We Know".

Muhahaha, did you see the new trailer for the recently released From Bad To Cursed by Katie Alender.  Way creepo.


The Canadian Children’s Book Centre announced the finalists for the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award, Prix TD de littérature canadienne pour l’enfance et la jeunesse, Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award, Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children’s Non-Fiction, Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People and the inaugural John Spray Mystery Award.  Most of the books are geared towards younger children, but there is some MG and ones that are rated age 13+.  Go here to see the full list of nominees.


  1. Book Trailer From Bad to Cursed super creepo! I must read!

  2. What? That's a book trailer? I was expecting it to be a preview for a film.

    Okay, off to check out the links. Thanks, Linds.

  3. You always compile the most interesting information Linds! I definitely am going to go check out the Jay Asher article, thanks so much for the links:) How long does it take you to find all this stuff?

  4. @Savy - I know, right?? I jumped the first time I saw it!

    @Missie - yeah, it's deceiving! Had to include it.

    @Jenny - Not that long, actually - I have a few key google alerts, which takes out quite a bit of the search. I'll grab one off of Twitter every now and again, and of course, there is always PW and Shelf Awareness - I know many of us look at those pretty often, but everyone does, so I always like to include key and interesting posts from them. Formatting takes up the most time, truth be told, but doing this on a daily basis takes up MUCH less time than saving it for one day.


  5. ARGH! I'm an EW subscriber and this issue still hasn't arrived. I want it for the Jay Asher feature! *cries*

  6. Linds, if you're looking for a hysterical, cute book that will make you smile, definitely pick up "Swim the Fly". I'm halfway done with "Beat the Band" the companion novel is it's just as good. :)