Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lit News To Note 06.02.2011

Absolutely LOVED this post from author Susan Dennard on the blog Let the Words Flow entitled, "Writing YA Versus Adult Fiction: what’s the difference?"  There are great, concrete answers here to what are the nuances between the two.  Some are obvious, and I think others clarify quite a bit!

Glenn Beck - yes, that Glenn Beck of FoxNews fame - will be publishing a young adult novel under his Mercury Ink imprint (in agreement with Simon & Schuster).  The book is titled Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans (author of The Christmas Box) and is about a teen with Tourettes's Syndrome and superpowers.  Here's more from The Slatest.

From The Film Stage: "‘Hunger Games’ Trilogy to Be Made into Four Films".  Meh, really, a fourth one?  I'm leaning on the greedy side of things here. . . 

The Atlantic is really hitting up the YA lit topic this week: "How to Make Young Adult Fiction More Diverse".  Turns out it's part of a series this week, so enjoy!

Shelf Awareness had a really nicely done overview of a particularly important panel that happened at BEA titled 'Book Banning 2011: A Report from the Front Lines of the Battle for Free Speech'.  Check out their article on it here: "BEA: Book Challenges, Fear & Fostering Conversation".  YA favorite Laurie Halse Anderson participated.

Two articles of note from Publisher's Weekly, the first being of particular importance to Canadian readers: "Indigo Sales Grow, But Investments Take a Bite Out of Profits" and "Borders Defends Need for Extension".

 Just a quick notice, everyone: I will be on my honeymoon starting tomorrow.  So, it's very likely that there will be no 'Lit News To Note' next week!  It'll be back on Monday, June 13th.


  1. Love the new look! Have a great honeymoon!!!

    I'm also disappointed by the decision to split HG into 4 movies. It doesn't seem necessary at all.

  2. I don't like the idea of the Hunger Games being made into 4 movies. Really is it necessary?

    Have an awesome honeymoon :)