Friday, May 27, 2011

Well, Hello Stranger. . .

Hello Everyone,

I know I've been gone for a while - some of you have emailed me and have asked me where I have been.  The answer is, I've been nowhere in particular, but I took a little mental vacation.  I lot has happened this year, I simply wanted to take a step back and reevaluate some items on my plate.  I'll be back, and soon!  The blog will be a bit more streamlined, with the Thursday Literary News Roundup likely being tossed out in preference for pertinent news being posted as-it-happens.  Sorry about that, but unfortunately, that one post was taking up a significant amount of free time, making reading and writing reviews a little tough to squeeze into my schedule.  That being said, I'll be giving more time over to actually writing reviews, which I am greatly looking forward to.

As you can see, I am also playing around with a style change.  My 'real' goal for what I would like my blog to look like is a bit unattainable at the moment, but I hope to have something permanent soon (I'm liking this current one).  So, if you see some formatting craziness, you'll know why.  I plan on being back up and running on a regular basis sometime during the week of June 12th.  I might get back into the habit here and there until then.

Again, I am sorry for my absence, but distance has given me clarity.  I'm getting a better feel for what I want out of this endeavor - tension and living to 'just keep up' aren't it!  Great reading, well-written reviews, and honest discussion are.

Thanks for your patience and staying tuned.

-Linds @ BB


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  2. Wohoo! Heather, that's awesome that you are spreading the word about Raw Blue!

    And thanks, it's good to be back.


  3. Whoa! What is this place?! Looks so different.

    Glad you are well, Linds. Of course I've missed you (and TLN) but it is good to take a break when you need one.

    Looking forward to your changes and to having you back. :)

  4. We missed you! I thought about tweeting you all the time! Great to see you almost back!

  5. @Missie thanks hon! I definitely needed a hiatus. Looking forward to being around more!

    @Jacinda Awwww, I missed being on Twitter! And I missed seeing what you and your sister are up to! It'll be nice to be back in the loop.

  6. I loved the Thursday Literary News Roundup but I can totally understand why you would need to discontinue it. It was so comprehensive, it must have taken you forever to write up!

  7. Oh, I deleted my post because I didn't spell something right. Glad you're back! We've missed you! I like the new streamlined look but please keep that mailbox!
    It's the best one I've seen!!

    And yes, over at Book Nerd Reviews, a new Aussie blogger, I've told her about Raw Blue. She will check it out!

    Happy Blogging and doing it your way!


  8. @Aylee oh, it did, Haha! More so because of the formatting and linking. Don't worry, though. I'll still be posting news here and there, in smaller doses, but as-it-happens.

    @Heather you mean my IMM one? Haha, consider it done! I'll be sure to check out the new Blogger, too - thanks!


  9. Good to hear from you, Linds! I was wondering about you, but I was hoping you were just enjoying marital bliss :)

    I'll miss your round-ups, but I can understand why you'd remove them. They must have taken so much time to put together.

  10. Nice to have you back, Linds. Looking forward to reading your awesome reviews. :)