Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Thursday Literary News Roundup (15)

The Thursday Literary News Roundup

Blog Posts of Note:

Okay, the whole YA Mafia thing, sigh.  If you didn't catch it all, YA Highway had one of the more humorous rundowns of the hijinks and shenanigans.  I particularly like their redos of their own book covers.

I absolutely adored this guest post over at over at author Richelle Mead's blog Even Redheads Get the Blues: "Nicole Peeler on "How young is too young?" It made me think back about how my own mother never censored my reading materials, for which I am very thankful #mymomrocks 

Have you found newbie bloggers Jasmine and Jacinda from The Reading Housewives of Indiana yet?  They tag team each book they review, and I just loved reading their recent take on Where I Belong by Gwendolyn Heasley.  This is one of my favorite new blogs, so please check out this wonderful review!

Sean Griswold's Head by Lindsey Leavitt didn't sound like my type of read at all. . . until I read this review from the Reclusive Bibliophile: "I tend to prefer more thought-provoking contemporary fare, and was pleased to find that Sean Griswold’s Head fit nicely into that category. A cast of complex and likable characters and a narrator with a fabulously conversational tone both made this a book I hope to pick up and reread again and again."

Jenny at the Supernatural Snark had one of the loveliest reviews of Clarity by Kim Harrington that I've read (it's actually one of my favorite reviews of Jenny's, period:). "In addition to a main character who earns our instant and unwavering support, Clarity illustrates Ms. Harrington's adeptness at weaving a complex murder mystery."

A Fanatic's Book Blog wrote a wonderful review of I Am J by Cris Beam, "Everything in this book is just purely fantastic, raw and real. I applaud Cris Beam for writing such an important and touching book, I only wish I could do better to sing its praises."  The author also recently penned a post on Diversity in YA Lit on the personal reasons why she wrote I Am J.

I don't normally read MG, but I absolutely loved this review on The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells by The Book Smugglers: "The Cloud Roads is riveting stuff, a story well balanced between plot and characterisation or rather external and internal conflict and I loved every second of it."

Articles to Read:

How much do I love this article from The New York Times on the deceased Edward Gorey and his work?  It's called, "Nightshade Is Growing Like Weeds".  If you like humorous macabre, Neil Gaiman or Tim Burton, you'll want to read about this man and his art (see picture to left).

Yay for Forever YA!  The freaking amazing blog just got it's second news article in the Texas media!  From The Daily Texan: "Bloggers preach pros of ‘young adult’ novels for all ages".  P.S. Did you see their recent review for Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar (shameless plug for my favorite book).

Great article on Forbes on Amanda Hocking and current state of publishing: "Who Wants To Be A (Kindle) Millionaire?"  Author Nathan Bransford's added his thoughts on the subject, which adds a bit to the discussion.

The Guardian posed its list of Top 100 Women in honor of International Women's Day yesterday.  Here's a link to the Academics and Writers on the list.

HarperCollins is angering some librarians for the way they want to handle e-book licensing rights to libraries.  Check out this article from The Columbus Dispatch for more: "Ohio librarians object to publisher's new fee on e-books".

YALSA put out updated two of their toolkits (that I didn't even know they had, duh): Teens & Social Media in School & Public Libraries: A Toolkit for Librarians & Library Workers and Social Media: A Guide for Teens

Buzz: Books and Otherwise

One of the BEST posts I've seen discussing who should play Katniss from The Atlantic: "Casting 'The Hunger Games': In Praise of Katniss Everdeen".  Here's more the latest from MTV.

That's it for this week, kids! More news and fun stuff to come next week!

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  1. Great literary round up. I am loving that trailer for Where She Went. It makes me want to get the book on audio :)

  2. You posted a link to our review! Thank you so much! And I really like that Amanda Hocking article. I also saw an article for that story that had a video interview. The Where She Went trailer is fantastic!

  3. Another great round up once again! I look forward to this post all week!!

  4. *double sigh* Ah, yes. The YA Mafia thing. I can't stop rubber necking. Seriously.

  5. Oh, did you read this? Logan passed it on to me because I was sending her some silly rants.

    But this is super hilarious:

  6. Thanks so much for linking to my review of Clarity Linds! I really appreciate it:)

    Definitely going to have to go read the article from the Columbus Dispatch since I live there and all. Thanks for finding that article, I don't read much of the newspaper:(

    I'm dying for The Hunger Games movie to come out, I just want all the information on it NOW so I know it's underway and I'm that much closer to seeing it in the theater:)

  7. Thanks for another great round up!
    I just checked out the The Reading Housewives of Indiana blog and l love it!

  8. YA Mafia? Seriously Linds, I would be lost without you. :)

  9. Love, love these posts - definitely something I look forward to all week :) Thanks again for a wonderful round-up!

  10. I love this feature on your blog! Thanks for having it!


  11. Great news round up! I was away this week and missed out on lots of bookish happenings. Catching up now!

  12. You featured some of my all-time fave bloggers this week! I seriously enjoy this post and learn so many things I missed during the week. Mucho thanks :)