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The Thursday Literary News Roundup (14)

The Thursday Literary News Roundup

In Memoriam:  The noted YA author of Flash Burnout and The Mermaid’s Mirror has passed away: "Portland writer Lisa Wolfson, known as L.K. Madigan, dead of cancer". and "Friends, admirers remember generosity of Lisa Wolfson, who wrote as L.K. Madigan" from Oregon Live.  She was 47.  I think author Lisa Schroeder had one of the most beautiful tributes to her on her blog: "Remembering my friend, L.K. MadiganMy thoughts are with her friends and family.

Blog Posts of Note:

Bleeding Violet and Slice of Cherry author Dia Reeves reflected on a double-standard in YA lit that I had never heard or thought of before, and I bet you'll be surprised, too!  I found her post at Diversity in YA Fiction very interesting!

Great post from YA Library UK - I think it's full of good advice for any adults who work in the service of adolescents: "Staff vs. Teens: From Venting to Respect".

Loved this guest post by Anna Perera, author of The Glass Collector, on the Reuters blog: "Stories are powerful things".  A snippet: ". . . as Stephen King said, ‘Fiction is a lie, and good fiction is the truth within the lie.’ Shaping the lies so the truth remains undimmed isn’t always a bundle of laughs but the lure to create vivid and powerful stories about dispossessed teenagers from other cultures continues to captivate me as a writer."

Interesting post from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: "Browse Physical, Buy and Borrow Digital: Is it Possible?"

Kirsten Hubbard, author of Like Mandarin, talks setting at Figment: "The Serendipity of Setting".  

 Pure Imagination had a great review on a 2007 release that I had not come across before called Skin Hunger by Kathleen Duey, "I think this book only scratches the surface of how awesome this trilogy is going to be. It's days later and I'm still thinking about it. I can't wait to dive into the next book, and if you are a fantasy fan I suggest that you read this as soon as possible!" 

 We've seen many reviews on Wither by Lauren DeStefano lately, but Flippin' Fabulous had one of the most thorough and well-written reviews I've read on it: "The strength and vulnerability of Rhine is one of the facets that contribute to Wither being such a real read.  Our main character isn't perfect, even though she is strikingly beautiful and unique.  Her emotions and actions falter, providing us with another aspect to this story, human emotion and the downfalls of having them."

Logan E. Turner adores an April 2011 release called Huntress by Malinda Lo.  After reading her review, I am looking forward to this one - seems like the author did quite a bit of world-building: "If it wasn't already clear, I loved this book. Any book that can surprise me is on good footing already."

YA Bibliophile had a great review on Rival by Sarah Bennett Wealer, and now I'm thinking that I can't pass this book up: "As I was reading I couldn't decide which girl I liked best. One had to be "the good one" right? The fact that this isn't true is another reason this books rocks."

There were two fantastic reviews of The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell, one from Tara at Fiction Folio and another from The Secret Life of a Bibliophile.  I SO EXCITED to read this one!!!  They both gave this book glowing reviews, so I hope you'll check them out!

Not gonna lie - didn't think this one would be up my alley, but then I read this review from YA Addict, who made the book sound like a nice break from my usual fare: "Fun is just the perfect word for this book. The characters, the setting, the mystery, the romance...they all worked together to make an enjoyable story that I gobbled up in just a few short hours."

Have you heard the buzz about the upcoming release Chime by Franny Billingsley?  The GreenBeanTeenQueen wrote a great review on a previous offering of hers from 1999 called The Folk Keeper: "Corinna tries to come off as a strong and in charge girl (or boy at times, as she's hiding her identity) but deep down you see her fears and her struggles."

Here's a review from Eating Y.A. Books on a recent release that I haven't heard too much about and thought maybe you hadn't either.  Leverage by Joshua C. Cohen ounds like one to consider: "Although I was horrified by the violence, I was also compelled by Danny and Kurt’s stories and found the book impossible to put down. While I cannot recommend Leverage to my middle school students, I highly recommend it for older YA readers, especially guys. It provides a sense of empowerment through friendship and proves that courage is fighting back fear and standing up for what is right."

Crooked Carla made me cry!  Okay, not really, but she did put out a wonderful review on Where She Went by Gayle Forman: "Seeing through Adam's eyes, feeling the emotions that he feels and flashing back to the past that haunts him  is precisely why this book worked so well for me.  With Forman's writing ability and her amazing way of making even a 21 year old boy rock star seem like my second skin was mindblowing.  The interchangeable way she made me feel love and anger, so fast and hard was shocking."  Gah!  And isn't the U.K. cover beautiful?

Missie at The Unread Reader wrote a beautiful, honest and personal review of Deb Caletti's newest book: "Stay, my first read by Deb Caletti, exposed some hidden, ugly and unfair truths with an absoluteness that hurt yet healed. The intimacy of Caletti's simple prose charged an explosive awakening within me."

Articles to Read:

**NOTE:  there are way too many articles for me to keep up with the news regarding Amazon and sales tax.  If you are interested in this subject, I advise you to google or follow Shelf Awareness.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer had a very nice interview with Julie Kagawa, author of the Iron Fey series. 

Wootwoot!  The 2011 Indie Awards Finalists have been announced

Okay, I know Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie have been doing this for years, but it was nice of The New York Times to run an update: "Publishers Look Beyond Bookstores".

I would love to go to something like this!  The Princeton Packet reports that Philadelphia is having a Steampunk Expo soon!  It happens this weekend.  Here's an accompanying article from The Philadelphia Daily News on steampunk in general: "That Victorian vibe".

Great article on authors who tweet from Publishing Perspectives:"#TwtrBkPty: How Twitter is Helping Publishers Reach 100,000 Readers 140 Characters at a Time"

Since I enjoy YA that handles the 'tough' topics, I really liked this from, "YA author Kimberly Marcus: 'Writing about Tough Topics for Teens'".

Loved this, and you might, too, if you like YA nonfiction: "Local Husband and Wife Writing Team Snag LA Times Book Prize Nomination".

A relevant posting in the School Library Journal from Marc Aronson: "The Missing Side of YA NF".

Possible good news for iPhone and iPad users who want to get Kindle books on their techy toys.  From cNet: "Kindle app for iPhone and iPad may get webby to avoid Apple's new rules".

Google's Android Market will soon sell ebooks, according to PCMag.
Saw this from a tweet and had to share.  From MatadorNetwork: "45 Fiction Recommendations for Travel Writers"

 Interesting article from Reuters: "Booksellers of Tehran falling on hard times".  A very personal look at the effect of the economy on bookselling there.

Gah!  Love this!  From The Observer/Guardian: "The 10 best Neglected literary classics".

Buzz: Books & Otherwise

YEAH!! Megan McCafferty posted a video on her inspiration behind Bumped!

Watch Megan McCafferty talks about BUMPED in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Simon & Schuster released a trailer for Beyonders: A World without Heroes by Brandon Mull.

Screams Katniss!
Ahhhh!!!  Ahhhh!  I would love if this actually happened: "Oscars 2011 Red Carpet: Hailee Steinfeld Reveals She's Talked With 'Hunger Games' Director Gary Ross"

I thought this was well-penned argument from TVSquad: "'Bones' Should Spin Off Author Kathy Reichs' Young-Adult Book Series".

Love older YA"  Then MTV might be developing a show you may find intriguing.  From Television Blend: "MTV Orders Comedy Pilot About Post-College Reality".  Fingers crossed that these college grads have some actual brains and relevant things to say.  I love the The Jersey Show as much as the next person, but do we need another Situation and Snookie?

A great article from The Miami Herald on the film Beastly, based on the YA novel of the same by Alex Finn: "Fairytale ending". 

Yea again!  Fun list time from NPR: "Your 2011 Books-Into-Films Lineup, From 'Eyre' To 'Water' To 'Desert'"

This is fun stuff from PenguinDigital: "2011 is the 50th anniversary of Penguin Modern Classics. And to celebrate, Penguin has published 50 Mini Modern Classics: the best short fiction by the greatest writers of the last century -- from Beckett to Kafka, Nabokov to Saki and Updike to Wodehouse.

Here's the first in a series of videos showing the making of the Mini Modern Classics - from the initial discussions all the way to the finished copies on our bookshelves, via the printers. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it and, if you do, please pass it on."  A great, behind-the-scenes look!

That's it for this week, kids!  More news and fun stuff to come next week!

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  1. Great round up again. I really want to check out the Dia Reeves post and all those reviews. I loved Missie's review of Stay, it was just so beautifully written :)

  2. Great round up!! So much news!! Also Happy World Book Day!!

  3. I swear, I can always count on your to provide the greatest book news from around the blogosphere and beyond! Fabulous post, Linds! :)

  4. I loved the Megan McCafferty video! I had no idea there was only gonna be two books for that series(I always assume at least three I guess). Loved that her inspiration was Jamie Lynn Spears and Juno, funny!

    I haven't heard of any of those 10 neglected classics....I guess they really are neglected, lol.

  5. My goodness Linds, I could spend the entire rest of the day reading all this information! I definitely want to go read the Dia Reeves article though, that sounds very interesting. And so many great reviews to look at! I adored Wither, so I need to go read Flippin' Fabulous's review. I loved Clarity too, I hope you give it a try!

  6. Wow me why don't ya!

    I've already checked out 10 different articles I hadn't read yet. The Dia Reeves one was awesome.

    My heart is bleeding for Adam already.

    You really don't know how much I love these rounds ups. How do you keep up with everything? Amazing.

  7. @Nic - Loved the Reeves posting, and yes, Missie's review was the best!

    @Savy - and Happy World Book Day to you, too!

    @Melissa - glad to be of service!

    @Jacinda - she's def bucking the trilogy trend! Yeah, that list flew over my head, too :)

    @Jenny - I am def giving Wither a try, and I hope to pick up Clarity.

    @Missie - Google alerts - lots and lots of them :)

  8. First of all, thanks so much for including my review of Huntress. I hope people check it out!

    Second, I think it would be SO COOL to go to a steampunk convention. A feast for the eyes, for sure.

    Third, I really really want Hailee Steinfeld to be Katniss. Fingers crossed!

  9. First of all, thanks so much for including my review of Huntress. I hope people check it out!

    Second, I think it would be SO COOL to go to a steampunk convention. A feast for the eyes, for sure.

    Third, I really really want Hailee Steinfeld to be Katniss. Fingers crossed!

  10. Thank you so much for a great and informative post. I love these!

  11. I love this post!! SO many awesome links to book news, reviews, etc...will definitely be on the lookout for this every week!

    And muchos gracias for the mention - you are too sweet :)