Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Book Boyfriend #1

My Book Boyfriend is a Wednesday meme hosted by The Unread Reader, in which we drool over fictional male characters who make us swoon.  Please, come join our SqueeGirl infatuations and show us your favorite men of lit!

So, in honor of the recent release of This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost, allow me introduce you to a lad I know who screams sexy and danger.  Now, I don't normally go for beards, but oh my word, this guy can make anything work. . .  Need I elaborate?  I present to you:

Vlad Tepesh

“I feel a connection to you, as I once told you. It’s not love, it’s not attraction, and I wouldn’t sacrifice myself for you, but if you needed me, and it was possible for me to help you, like today, I’d come. Whichever side you called me from.” 
-Vlad, Destined For an Early Grave (I love brutal honesty in a character)

Born: circa 1431
Age: approximately 600 years (gotta love a man with experience)
Appearance: Vlad appears thirtyish, lean, six feet tall, with an angular face framed by long brown hair, thin lips and a tight beard. He has a wide, pale forehead set off deep-set eyes. He isn’t handsome in a classic sense, but his looks are striking. Scars crisscross his hands. He has unusual eyes that are copper-colored and ringed with emerald. What he may have lacked in perfection of features he made up for in sheer magnetism. Cat and Kira describe his scent as cinnamon and smoke. (taken from the FrostFans website) 

As for my Vlad, I have always pictured him as Viggo Mortensen (and I guess the folks at FrostFans and Jeaniene does, too).

“Vlad squeezed once. ‘I don’t want to be alone now either,’ he said, making it sound very reasonable and not at all like something to be ashamed of. . . ”
-Destined For an Early Grave

I cannot tell you how much I love this character!  His sophistication, his intelligence and mad strategy skills, the snarky comments.  The man drips with confidence, and that is. So. HOT.  Every since I first read him in At Grave's End, I not going to lie: he eclipsed Bones in my heart.  I CANNOT wait for his own series to hit the shelves (sometime in 2012).

"My wife stood alone on that roof when I should have been there.  Already I'd horrified her by what I'd done to keep my people safe, I was afraid that my no longer being human would drive a deeper wedge between us.  I'd planned on telling her the truth in time. . . but all at once there was no more time.  Since she's been gone, I've done many more things she would have been revolted over, yet on that day with you. . . I felt her smile at me. I haven't felt that way in a very long time."
-At Grave's End

And Jeaniene, it's okay.  I know you really wanted to name his love interest 'Lindsay', not 'Leila'.  It's all good.  No hard feelings.  *****sob****


  1. I've been thinking about reading this series, but haven't plunged in yet. You convinced me. Very excited to read it now!!!!! (love the smexy bad boys)

  2. Love Vlad! His snarky comments always make me laugh and that is why I find him so appealing too. Oh and his good looks.

    Great pick and I am now going to imagine Viggo Mortensen as Vlad when I get my hands on This Side of the Grave :)

  3. OMG! Vlad, my love! Yes he is so awesome:) I just finished reading TSOTG and he is great! I can't wait to read what girl will tie him down. Nice Pick :)

  4. I think Vlad is great I always think of him in the pointy hat and that thin mustache I've seen in some painting. But, of course he is much more handsome in real life, right? I hope JF gives him a Night HUntress WOrld book as she has Mencheres and Spade.
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    Twitter: @fangswandsfairy

  5. I didn't read this whole post because I'm only on book 3 (in case I read something I shouldn't have)...but a new hottie is going to show up in the 5th book! I need to read faster!

  6. @Vickie - if you like a well-written, fast-paced plot with a snarky, tough female lead and sexy-as-hell vamps, you will LOVE this series!

    @Nic - You can't go wrong with Aragon turned Vlad - delish!

    @Savy - Girl, whatchutalkinabout - he's MY love! And I WILL be the girl who ties him down - duh!

    @Steph - Well, of course, he sooooooooo a suave modern man in real life. And a little book in NHW be damned - Mr. Sexy-Smexy as hell is getting his own SERIES!!

    Enjoy your Wednesday eye candy, ladies,

  7. Oh Jacinda - he comes up in the the 3rd book for the first time! You just wait! But remember - He is MINE, all MINE!!

  8. I read the first two in this series and since Bones was just Spike from Buffy, I had to quit. It bothered me. But, I heard it got better after that one so I may be swayed into going back to it.

  9. Ooo. Anyone who looks like Viggo is someone I want to read about.

    @allstarme - I'm only on book 1 but I know what you mean.

  10. Dear Heaven, did you just assign Viggo Mortensen as Vlad? *melts down to a pile of girly goo* I love Vlad so much, I hope we get his books soon! And don't even get me started on Viggo, I might try to lick my screen.

  11. Confidence is most definitely squee inducing. Viggo in LOTR - also hot.

  12. LOL! Lelia is code for Lindsay. ;)

    Oh, be still my undead heart. I love Vlad. Truly. But sometimes I think he works so well because he has a smaller part. If he had his own series, would he be the same? Gah! Am I being too much of a worry wart?

    Thanks for posting those quotes. And really, is there anyone better than Viggo to play Vlad? *le swoon*

  13. Yum is all I can say!

    I am your latest follower. I came by to let you know that I just added you to the blogroll on a new book review site I'm collaborating on.


  14. Your right, book #3! I just came back to this post to let you know I was just introduced to him. I'll let you know if we are going to have to fight over him! lol!