Sunday, March 27, 2011

In My Mailbox (18)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme started by The Story Siren with inspiration from Pop Culture Junkie.

This is a great event where we share all the great books we've picked up to read for the week! Please join us in getting to know one another and sharing great reads!  Here's what I got this week . . .

For Review:

by Franny Billingsley

Before Briony's stepmother died, she made sure Briony blamed herself for all the family's hardships. Now Briony has worn her guilt for so long it's become a second skin. She often escapes to the swamp, where she tells stories to the Old Ones, the spirits who haunt the marshes. But only witches can see the Old Ones, and in her village, witches are sentenced to death. Briony lives in fear her secret will be found out, even as she believes she deserves the worst kind of punishment.

Then Eldric comes along with his golden lion eyes and mane of tawny hair. He's as natural as the sun, and treats her as if she's extraordinary. And everything starts to change. As many secrets as Briony has been holding, there are secrets even she doesn't know (thank you, Dial Books/Penguin).

by R.A. McDonald

Ada hasn't grown up in a house with a white picket fence. Instead she was cast off and absorbed into the foster care system, quickly putting up a shield of hostility. Always knowledgeable of the sicknesses of those around her and never getting hurt just seemed like facts of life. Finally on her last strike of trouble, an estranged aunt comes to the rescue, giving Ada the knowledge of how to use her healing power. Now Ada, who up to this point has shunned the world, all of the sudden has the power to heal it.

This book delves into the psychology and growth of a teenage girl coming to grips with the knowledge that there are some good people out there; some people worth healing.  Along with action and adventure, Ada, Legend of a Healer also brings to light numerous philosophical issues. Like many middle and high school girls, Ada is introduced to society's harsh realities at a young age, so she's built a wall of anger to strengthen her self reliance, to survive. Despite the pressure and demands, Ada refuses to sacrifice her self-worth, and in this she discovers that a strong will overcomes all obstacles (thank you, House of Lore Publishing).
by Susan J. Bigelow

In a post-war future world where First Contact has been made, humans are colonizing the stars, and the nations of Earth have been united under a central government, Extrahumans are required by law to belong to the Union. When a young man with visions of the future sets out on a mission to define the course of human history, he encounters a devastated former hero, a fascist dictatorship bent on world domination, and the realities of living in a society where affiliation is everything (thank you, Candlemark & Gleam).  Be sure to check back here on Tuesday for my review!

From the library:

by Mike A. Lancaster

Kyle Straker volunteered to be hypnotized at the annual community talent show, expecting the same old lame amateur acts. But when he wakes up, his world will never be the same. Televisions and computers no longer work, but a strange language streams across their screens. Everyone’s behaving oddly. It’s as if Kyle doesn’t exit.

Is this nightmare a result of the hypnosis? Will Kyle wake up with a snap of fingers to roars of laughter? Or is this something much more sinister?

Narrated on a set of found cassette tapes at an unspecified point in the future, Human.4 is an absolutely chilling look at technology gone too far.

The Vespertine
by Saundra Mitchell

It’s the summer of 1889, and Amelia van den Broek is new to Baltimore and eager to take in all the pleasures the city has to offer. But her gaiety is interrupted by disturbing, dreamlike visions she has only at sunset—visions that offer glimpses of the future. Soon, friends and strangers alike call on Amelia to hear her prophecies. However, a forbidden romance with Nathaniel, an artist, threatens the new life Amelia is building in Baltimore. This enigmatic young man is keeping secrets of his own—still, Amelia finds herself irrepressibly drawn to him.

When one of her darkest visions comes to pass, Amelia’s world is thrown into chaos. And those around her begin to wonder if she’s not the seer of dark portents, but the cause.

That's it from me this week. What did you get in your mailbox?


  1. Great stack of books! Chime looks really good. Can't wait to hear what you think. Happy reading :)

  2. Please read Human.4 soon. I'm so curious about it. And why does the cover for Broken freak me out a bit?

    Good stuff, Linds.

  3. Great books!
    l got 0.4 (Human 4) from a friend and seriously need to read it!
    A few l haven't heard of here.

  4. Great set! I liked The Vespertine and I can't wait to read Chime.
    My IMM

  5. I recently picked up Human.4 and the Vespertine, and am eager to get started on both. It looks like you had a really great book week!

  6. I think Ada will be good....I hope so!


  7. Great IMM. Chime is a fantastic read. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. Human.4 sounds like a good read...adding it to my to-read list now.
    Happy Reading!

  8. We recieved copes of Ada, too! Briti is reading it now. Oh, and Vespertine? I heard thats a good one!

  9. Awesome mailbox, Linds! I got Ada last week, and it's up next on my chopping block - can't wait to give it a go! I hope you enjoy all your new books :)

  10. Great book haul! I am looking forward to that Human 4 one, Its looks good, the cover is intriguing!

  11. I loved The Vespertine! Great books this week!

  12. I absolutely loved The Vespertine! It's a great mix of historical fiction and paranormal. I hope you enjoy all of your books!