Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top Ten Characters (and Literary Figures) That I'd Name My Children After

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This week: Top Ten Characters (and Literary Figures) That I'd Name My Children After

1.  Atticus Finch - I don't think in a million years that my husband would agree to this, but I am hoping to swing this one as a middle name for a son.  Who wouldn't want their son to grow in such a noble, honest, fair and unshakable man?

2. Jane Eyre - My mother absolutely cringes at the idea of my naming a daughter Jane (too plain!), but I love Jane's quiet independence and her indomitable will.  I wouldn't want a daughter to go through her sadness, but I would love for her to have Jane's fortitude.

3. Jonas - I've loved this kid ever since I first read The Giver.  So young to take such responsibility on his shoulders, so untested to take such risks.  God, I adored him for seeing right to the truth of things and understanding the value of life and the right to free will.

4. Harper Lee - I would name my daughter after her in a heartbeat.  I don't think any of us who were born after the Jim Crow era can truly appreciate that To Kill a Mockingbird was act of bravery, but we do know what a powerful testament to tolerance it is in our own time - a true keystone in the U.S. cannon.

5. Sirius - Okay, yeah, he was a little whacky after he got out of Azkaban, but again, it's hard to find a person who would actually lay down his own life for the people he loves.  Plus, I can never use Remus as a name; my poor child would be the endless butt of jokes (pun totally intended).

6. Flannery O'Connor - ADORE her short story collections.  She wrote about hard things that were often misunderstood, but her writing captured my attention in college and has held it ever since.

7. Anne Elliot - I very much admire this protagonist from Jane Austen's very best book, Persuasion.  She was practical, refined and intelligent, although easily influenced.  She was also willing to overlook social standing in a time when that was everything to members of her family and class.  She screwed up the first time love came her way, but she got it right when it revisited her later. 

8. Ryan, aka Rhino - Best. Guy. Ever.  He's got one shady past, but I adore adore the way he treated Carly in Raw Blue.   I can deal with a shady past if my son comes out of it with the maturity, patience and tolerance that Ryan showed throughout the story.  I would like to think that my son would treat women with the same care and respect that Ryan had.

9.Ginny Weasly - Adore her.  She calls a spade a spade, doesn't deal with the fake and goes after what she wants.  A daughter like that would make this someday mama very proud, indeed.  Oh, but I would've have had to give her better advice about dresses for the Yule Ball.  Yikes.

10.  Peeta - WHO DOESN"T LOVE THIS GUY???  Look, I'm not advocating that any son of my sacrifice his life for a chick because I'm sure I would be protective and selfish like that.  BUT. . . I am certain that I would be proud.  Plus, I wouldn't mind a kick-ass daughter-in-law like Katniss.  I'd cook all the lamb and apricot stew she could eat, and my wonderful son could help me plant a garden.


  1. Oh, I forgot how much I loved the name "Asher" after reading The Giver in middle school! I should have put that one on my list!

  2. I've wanted to name a boy Jonas since I was 12! I also love Atticus but it sounds more like a grown-up's name. I'm a fan of Hermione too.

  3. This is such a great post. Atticus Finch is far and away, the best literary character ever. I love him. It was so great to see you include Anne Elliot too. I love Persuasion and it often doesn't get the attention it deserves (neither does Capt. Wentworth) because it's overshadowed by Pride and Pejudice. Great name choices! You need to have lots of kids! :)

  4. I love your list! I should've done this one this week because I was just thinking about this the other day and regretting that I didn't name my son Jonas (from the Giver) I love that book and totally slipped my mind when we were thinking of names. =D I think Atticus sounds like a great middle name too!

  5. This is one of my favorite Top Ten lists. Everyone is coming up with such great names!

  6. RYAN AND PEETA!!!! Love them so much:) I really like the name Harper as well, that's always been a favorite of mine. Fabulous choices Linds:)

  7. I like Asher, Peeta and Sirius! This was such a fun Top Ten Tuesday :)

    I didn't have a chance to do a post, but I like the names Catcher and Elias from The Dead-Tossed Waves, Adrian from the Vampire Academy series, and Ari from Darkness Becomes Her are a few that stand out.

  8. I love the name Harper - great choice! I would definitely use it except our last name actually rhymes with Harper and it would totally ridiculous lol

  9. Jane Eyre is on my list too. I agree with you: I wouldn't want my daughter to deal with such sad things, but I would want her to be as strong as Jane. I haven't thought about The Giver in a long time -- nice addition. Great list!

  10. Linds!!!

    Doooood, you are totally my book soulmate. Didn't I just comment here on naming my kind Atticus, or did I just dreams it, because I do dream it a lot. LOL

    And you know how I feel about Anne Elliot! But I think I would just go with Elliot.

    And PEETA! I first thought the name was too exotic, but now I simply adore it!

    Can wait to meet Ryan. ;)