Friday, February 11, 2011

Top 10 Things That Are NOT Going to happen in CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS

This was just posted on YouTube - enjoy!


  1. Oh! I saw a link to this video earlier, but I became tragically sidetracked and forgot to investigate. I'm glad you posted it! COFA is one of my most anticipated novels this year, but I must say: No naked Magnus and no zombie armies? What a terrible shame.

  2. Okay, I have a slight problem. And need someone in the know to help. I have City of Bones, Ashes, and Glass. I haven't read them. I thought I was going to have to read Clockwork Angel too to be caught up. Not so? Since that's the Infernal Devices does that not go with the Mortal Instruments? Help, I'm so confused and I might be able to read them all by the time City of Angels comes out!