Friday, January 7, 2011

Book Blogger Hop and Follow Friday!

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This week's question comes from Ivan who blogs at Ivan Bookworm:

"What book influenced or changed your life? How did it influence/change you?"

Okay, this might sound crazy, and I don't know about 'changed my life', but A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett has always been very special to me.  Sara Crewe is one the most marvelous, resilient characters ever written.  She went from having it all to being a little drudge, but throughout everything, she retained an imagination and personal code of conduct that saw her through.  I've always loved that book and appreciate how she always weighed the consequences of her decisions and how they might affect those around her.  I'd like to think that Sara has set an example and goal for how I treat others in my own life.

Also, today is Follow Friday with Rachel's blog, Parajunkee's ViewThis week's question: 

What book(s) have you discovered lately from someone's book blog? 

0.4 (Human.4 in the US) by Mike Lancaster.  I just discovered this book through a review by Lauren at I was a Teenage Book Geek while collecting reviews for my Thursday News Roundup.  It sounds fascinating!  Here's the synopsis from GoodReads:

 It's a brave new world.

'My name is Kyle Straker. And I don't exist anymore.'

So begins the story of Kyle Straker, recorded on to old audio tapes. You might think these tapes are a hoax. But perhaps they contain the history of a past world...If what the tapes say are true, it means that everything we think we know is a lie.

And if everything we know is a lie does that mean that we are, too?


  1. I love that book and the movie!! Happy Friday and have a great weekend :)

  2. I still haven't read A Little Princess, but I loved the movie. Sara really does have an indomitable spirit I admire.

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  5. I've never read A Little Princess. For shame! :)


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    Have a good weekend!

  7. It's funny...I actually liked The Little Princess movie (the 1994 one) better than the book. Not sure why.
    Happy weekend!
    My Hop

  8. This will probably come of something as a surprise but the book that changed/influenced my life (more than any other) is a non-fiction book. I know we all focus on novels and the fanciful fiction we love to read but The Four Work Week is the book that gets all the credit. I know the title sounds fictional but it really isn’t. Hop over to my blog and find out why –

    Happy Book Blogger Hop Day!

    Howard A. Sherman

  9. I don't have a single book to point to. Come by and see why.

  10. Thank you for the amazing support!
    Have a lovely weekend =)

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  12. Just "following" thru. I'm a newbie follower.

  13. I can't believe how long it has been since I though about that book. You're right, Sara was a great person even under duress and I admire her for that.
    Have a fabulous weekend!

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  15. Hi There! I ended up choosing Twilight because it was one of the first books that I interacted with strangers about. (More on my blog!)

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  16. Happy HOP! The book I shared had a major impact on me last year and totally changed my life for the better. Come by and visit to see which one it was. I'm an old follower :) Enjoy your weekend

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  17. Man, that book Human .4 really does look awesome. Look forward to your thoughts on it... and in the meantime, I need to buy a copy! ^_^

    -Alisha, proud new follower! ^_^
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  18. Human .4 does look great! i'm a new follower.

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