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The Thursday Literary News Roundup (8)

The Thursday Literary News Roundup 

(sorry it's a bit shorter than usual, everyone - I'm home for the holidays still, and my internet connection is precarious, to say the least)

Blog Posts of Note:

Andrea Cremer did a great guest post over at My Favorite Books. Here's snippet: "A common response to Nightshade from readers is the comment that it’s one of his or her favorite werewolf books. As much as I understand where that idea comes from, I think it’s time for me to take and stand and say Nightshade is not a werewolf book. Here’s what I mean. . . "

Adam Polaski had a very well-written post on The Hunger Games over at Buzzsaw called  "The Hunger Games: A Pretty Adult “Young Adult” Novel". 
The blog of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) posted list about what can make a YA librarian great!  Some are funny, and some are dead on.  They also posted a reminder with some great infomration and links in another post about "Thinking Big About Advocacy" Contest,

The Bookbag gave a great, honest review on Inside Out by Maria v. Snyder the first book on a new dystopian series: "I am tempted to go into a lot more depth about the fascinating premise, but half of the fun of reading the novel came in the gradual understanding of the true nature of Inside, and so I'll leave that for you to enjoy."

If you haven't checked Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner's End of 2010 survey/meme, you still have a chance to go over and join in!

Jaym Gates over a the Apex Book Company's blog wrote a fantastic post on the (not so) different themes between adult fiction and YA, and how he became a fan - very well put and worth the read: The Relevance of YA for Adults: The Harry Potter Effect

Guest blog post and giveaway of XVI by Julia Karr at YA Highway.

Steph Su Reads had a hilarious post with WTF Covers of 2010.  She and the Supernatural Snark would make a deadly cover critique team, no?

I was so FREAKING excited about this early review of Jeaniene Frost's upcoming This Side of the Grave that I squeed way outloud!  Thank you, Chelsea, from The Vampire Book Club.  She even quotes the fabulous Bones from the upcoming title: "Ask me if I sparkle and I’ll kill you where you stand,” Bones cut him off with utmost seriousness."

prophecygirl at Wondrous Reads gave a well through-out review on  The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff (soon-to-be-released in the UK): "The Replacement really does stand out from the paranormal crowd, firstly because there isn't a single fanged or furry creature in sight. It's a more mature story than a lot of other stuff out there, and that becomes apparent after a handful of chapters."  I was a Teenage Book Geek also reviewed and was impressed: "Malevolent and haunting, The Replacement blurs the boundary between paranormal romance and horror with fascinating results."

The YA YA YAs and the Guys Lit Wire gave a great review on a Morris award nominee, Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride: "the sly humor, and Sam’s everyday likability, and you’ve got a story that grabbed me from the first page and kept me entertained until the end."  Mummazappa over at The Book Nerd Club also reviewed this and gave it stellar marks!

Belinda from Reviews from the Heart gave an amazing review on Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton: "Aside from the action filled twists and turns, it gave a truly sweet and romantic story of a young girl coming again into an extraordinary legacy and meeting the boy that has stood by her side for a multitude of lifetimes. It was beautiful. It was heartbreaking and I couldn’t help but enjoy the experience."  The Mad Scientist also reviewed and was blown away: "I flew through this book devouring every word and chapter as I went.  It felt short, but not in a bad way at all.  Come to find out that the book is 400+ pages in real book form.  WoW!  Yes, I was floored."

Jenny at Supernatural Snark  gave a beautiful review of Unearthly by : "Unearthly is a welcome addition to the group of paranormal novels dealing with angel lore, one that beautifully blends normal with supernatural, drama with humor, and the crushing weight of duty with the intense desire to refuse dictation and shake loose the bonds of expectation."  Wow, can you beat that sentence?

Reviewer X gave a lovely review of Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King: "See, Ms King didn’t just spin a new weepy tale about a girl (just like you and me) coming to terms with her best friend’s death and growing as a person and blah blah blah. She created characters that came alive, situations that felt very much real, and did so in writing that is just quirkily poignant, poignantly quirky, seesawing between the two (trust me, there is a difference)."
Guys Lit Wire also did a great review on a book that I haven't heard that much on called The Things a Brother Knows by Dana Reinhardt: "Dana Reinhardt's powerful story discusses how and why we connect with others, and illustrates an unbreakable bond between two brothers who are striving to know each other - and themselves - better."

Audrey from Holes in My Brain wrote up a wonderful review of When the Stars Goes Blue by Caridad Ferrer: "the passion in the writing, the allusion to the opera Carmen (which I’m unfamiliar with), the dancing… things were intense, sexy and fiery, but there were also times of reflection and insecurity. Caridad Ferrer really managed to create a story with soul."

Articles to Read:

The New York Times has started a discussion on, "The Dark Side of Young Adult Fiction".  Question it seeks to answer are: "Why do bestselling young adult novels seem darker in theme now than in past years? What's behind this dystopian trend, and why is there so much demand for it?"

The Austin Chronicle followed the YA scene in its city this last week.  Check the awesome article that features two of my favorite book bloggers from Forever YA: "Arrested Development?  Young-at-heart Austin is home to a booming Young Adult literature scene".  However, it seems the Chronicle may have misquoted one of the esteemed bloggers about the Forever YA's rating on a one Mr. Edward Cullen - go to their site for more.

Great article from The Wall Street Journal also called, "A Kids' Book Club for Adults" - all about a few YA reading book clubs for adults in NYC.

MTV's Hollywood Crush section reflected on a specific series of the past year and looks forward to what will happen with it in 2011: "2010 In Review: 'The Hunger Games' Took Flight"

The Washington Post had this great article about how publishers are going directly to the source to get opinions about young adult books: "Wanted: Young readers to build book buzz"
YPulse posted its picks for Best and Worst YA moments of 2010.

Merriam-Webster posted its Top Ten Words of 2010.

More news from Reuters about the drama surrounding the possible Barnes & Noble buyout. 

Seeking Alpha posted a great article on "The Growth of eBooks" - has a lot of data on how specific genres sell.

Buzz: Books & Otherwise

I am insanely jealous of anyone who lives near Montgomery County, TX right now.  Oh, why, you ask?  Ummm, because LOIS LOWRY will be at their Seventh Annual Montgomery County Teen Book Festival on Saturday, January 22!  There will be several other YA Authors, so please, you lucky Texans, go have fun!
That's it for this week, kids!  More news and fun stuff to come next week!

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  3. Thanks for another great roundup! There is a few posts I would like to check out like Andrea Cremer and Reviewer X's review :)

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