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The Thursday Literary News Roundup (7)

The Thursday Literary News Roundup 

Blog Posts of Note:

Jamie over at the Perpetual Page-Turner had a fantastic discussion going last Friday with her regular feature, 'Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down' - the topic was requiring a follow for a giveaway.  If you missed it, be sure to go check it out!

Special thanks to Kristi at The Story Siren for tweeting this post from ShePosts: Are Bloggers Conducting Illegal Lotteries?  Excellent food for thought on the legalities of the giveaways we host.

Holly Cupala posted a great interview with Fall for Anything author Courtney Summers on her blog last week.  Fall for Anything just released this last Tuesday.

Tara from hobbitsies also scored a wonderful interview with Lorraine Zago Rosenthal, author of the soon-to-be released Other Words for Love.

Vickie over at Navigating the Slush Pile started a great conversation on the appropriate place of sex in YA lit.

Jen at Makeshift Bookmark has a wonderful discussion going on at her blog: "Blogger "Voices:" Is There a Right and Wrong Kind?"

YA Book Reads posted a list of Top Ten LGBT characters in YA Lit - included on the list are Professor Dumbledore, and Magnus and Alec from The Mortal Instruments.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes and Ally Carter both recently worked together and came up with their list of 2011 YA trends after Scholastic posted their list of notable trends from 2010.

Chelsea at The Page Flipper gave a lovely review on A Blue So Dark by Holly Schindler: "The premise is simple: it's a contemporary about a girl whose mother has schizophrenia. But that's the only thing that's simple about this book. It was complex, detailed, alive."

I found a fantastic new blog to follow this week.  A Take of Many Reviews wrote this glowing review of the The Greyfriar by Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith: "  The style of this book is eloquent, creating such a beautiful world and story with just words. Steampunk is not usually a visually beautiful world with its machines and steam powered alternate history. Despite a broken and bleak world in which this book takes place, the story of vampires and humans in a struggle for domination is nothing less than beautiful."

Kelly J. from Stacked wrote a beautiful, honest review of Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers: "Fall for Anything is unapologetic. Hand this to readers looking for edgy, thought-provoking, raw reads."  Book Chic also reviewed and had this, in part, to say: "I'm not sure what to say about this book. I did enjoy reading it, like I do all of Courtney's books, but at the same time, I felt like something was missing. This book released on Tuesday. Cinette at Musings-of a Writer-in-Progress also had a wonderful interview with Courtney.

Both Kristi at The Story Siren and Danny at Bewitched Bookworms wrote up very favorable reviews of Nevermore by Kelly Creagh.  Check out their blogs for their thoughts!

Amy at A Simple Love of Reading wrote up a positive review of Trance by Linda Gerber: "From the very beginning of this book Linda Gerber drew me right into Ashlyn’s story. The mysteries of her visions play a strong role in the book almost as if they themselves are a character."  

Still haven't read Nightshade by Andrea Cremer?  Take a look at this fantastic review by Rummanah Aasi over at Books in the Spotlight: "Nightshade may sound like an ordinary paranormal romance with a forbidden love story, however, its supreme world building, mythology, and intrigue sets this book apart."  She and I are in perfect agreement!

And I officially love Cicely Loves Books - check out her opening line for a review on the upcoming Angelfire by Courtney Allison Molton: "I Loved this book.  I know I love a lot of books, but this book was awesome.  No, not just awesome, this book was Bad-Ass.  And I loved it so much for that, because I haven't read a bad-ass book in a long time."  Gotta love that honesty.  Angelfire releases in February. 

Lauren at I was a Teenage Book Geek wrote a beautiful review on Her and Me and You by Lauren Starsnick, a book I never heard of before: "From casual beginning to the enigmatic final pages, this is a book that packs an emotional punch far above its weight."  It just released in October.

Vee at Musty Pages gave a wonderfully detailed review of Artichoke Heart by Suzanne Supplee: "Suzanne Supplee's Artichoke's Heart is a sweetly written novel, with a strong emotional core and a character arc that will leave you cheering.

Kaitlin over at Scarrlet Reader gave a glowing review on the upcoming March release Falling Under by Gwen Hayes: "Very dramatic and mysterious beginning and I immediately wanted to know more about Theia and the hauntingly, handsome man that haunted her dreams."

The Redheaded Reviewer over at Small Review gave a fabulous review of the upcoming March release The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell: "I was completely captivated. My mind was racing with questions right from the start. What happened to Amelia? What drove her mad? What is the nature of the tragedy? The dark allusions to cursed visions pulled me in further. I couldn’t wait to find out the story surrounding these visions and how the paranormal aspect would be woven into the story."

Articles to Read:

The New York Public Library has posted links to several lists with 2010's best young adult books, including the The YA YA YAs - congrats on the shoutout!

The reports steampunk author Scott Harrison has teamed up with others to start a charity e-book organization - sounds like a great idea!  Check it out: Charity e-book company launched

Oh No They Didn't reported which book MTV viewers voted on as being the best YA of 2010.

The LA Times Book Critic, David Ulin, wrote this essay for the newspaper's book blog, Jacket Cover: "E-books are good news for the literary world".
Have you been wondering about what's going on with Barnes & Noble and Borders?  Here's sentence from Reuters that will make you wonder some more: "In the latest chapter, Barnes & Noble Inc has put itself up for sale, while Borders Group Inc has put its hand out to lenders in hopes of avoiding a cash shortfall early next year."  Click here for more.

Remember the blurb I put in last week about the updates to the Electronic Frontier Foundation's 2010: E-Book Buyer's Guide to E-Book PrivacyNPR did a recent feature stemming from that same thought on All Things Considered: Is Your E-Book Reading Up On You?  Both audio and an article are included.  However, that piece is receiving some criticism.  Check out this response from Lucy Kogler of Talking Leaves, an independent New York State bookshop, as reported by Shelf Awareness. '

NPR also did a second story e-readers for their Talk of the Nation program: E-Book Boom Changes Book Selling And Publishing

Great article by Terry Jones at the O'Reilly Radar: "The future of publishing is writable". Here's a blurb: "Even seen from this outer limit of generality, it's clear that digital is ushering in a rapid convergence in publishing. While some forms are born digital and online, others are being reinvented there as technological advance sets old media free. There is massive disruption -- both behind and ahead of us -- as the convergence continues."

CBS News did a wonderful piece on "Judging Books by Their Covers" - all about the design process and what might happen as more things go digital.

Okay, I don't own stock in NPR - they just had a lot of good stories this week!  Here's another: Weird And Wonderful Books: 2010's Hidden Gems

Nicole Russell wrote a piece for The American Spectator: "Kids Are Reading. . . Junk". I'm really interesting in hearing your opinions on this one!  Sometimes, I see her point; at other times, I get rather perturbed.  What are your thoughts?  Here's a sample: "Unfortunately, many of the books published in the YA category that readers are devouring at higher rates than their adult counterparts are either poorly written, communicate "adult" themes to a audience of minors, or demonstrate conflicting (if any) moral principles."  I wonder if Ms. Russell would enjoy the Night Huntress series - I shall send her a copy of book one!

The Library Journal posted about the best YA lit for adults in 2010.

Nice article from Publisher's Weekly on some YA authors who made promising debuts in 2010.

The Daily Beast also chose its Best YA novels of 2010, too - great list! is starting a new series in which they make a playlist for a particular character: "If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite literary characters might be listening to while they save the world/contemplate existence/get into trouble, or hallucinated a soundtrack to go along with your favorite novels, well, us too. But wonder no more!"  Check it out: first up is Holden Caulfield. 

Looking to get published and scared of the reject letters?  Take heart, you aren't alone, even amongst the greats.  mental_floss published this enlightening and entertaining post: Try, Try Again: Rejection Letters Received by Bestselling Authors

Buzz: Books & Otherwise

Two adult paranormal authors who are SO incredibly flipping kind to their fans released first chapter previews of the their upcoming books.  Charlaine Harris released Chapter One of the next book in the Southern Vampire Mystery series, Dead Reckoning.  Click here, look at the middle column at the top of the page, and click the link that says 'Chp. 1: Dead Reckoning'.  Katie MacAlister also released the first chapter of the upcoming Dragon Sept/Baltic book, The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons.  Click here, and then click on 'Read an Except'.  Don't you just love that cover?  Enjoy!

Who will play Katniss?  14-year-old actress Hailee Steinfeld apparently is receiving some buzz for the part - check out this article from MTV in which Hailee talks about how she feels about the possibility.  However, the LA Times had this headline: ‘The Hunger Games’ star search: ‘There are no front-runners yet’

Meanwhile, The Hunger Games director Gary Ross hinted to Entertainment Weekly that casting decisions may be announced soon for certain characters.  Excitement!

For all Charlaine Harris fans, Penguin just launched her very own page on their website - check out the Holiday Sweepstakes - runs until January 3rd!

New YA book series alert!  Bloomsbury just brokered a two-book deal with former tennis star Monica Seles, according to Publushers Weekly.

Ohhh Steampunk fans, this looks awesome.  Check out io9's report on the upcoming film, 1884: Terry Gilliam's next project takes you into the Steampunk Britain of 1884.

That's it for this week, kids!  More news and fun stuff to come next week!

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