Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Revolution' and 'If I Stay' at the Symphony?

Last night, I was watching a performance of Verdi's Requiem at Pittsburgh's beautiful Heinz Hall.  The Pittsburgh Symphony is one of the top rated orchestras in the country, believe it or not; so, taking in a performance by them is always a real treat.  Requiem was Verdi's memorial tribute to an Italian author named Alessandro Manzoni and was first performed in 1901.  Manzoni was considered by many to be second only to Dante, if ranking Italian writers. 

Right in the middle of the performance, guess what happens to this happy bibliophile?  Yep. you guessed it.  Inspiration!

I started flashing to scenes from Jennifer Donnelly's Revolution.  Andi is one compelling character. She's has an encyclopedic knowledge of music and plays classical guitar. Actually, she can play any type of guitar, and there are several instances throughout the book of characters playing kick-ass music together.  This is one of the very few times I'd like to see a book I love be made into a movie.  Besides Andi being a great protagonist, the story is well-paced, and there is a real 'solving the mystery' feeling to the book that I think would translate well to screen. 

And then there is the music.  Oh, the music!  There are classical, classic rock, punk rock, alternative rock, hip hop and folk rock references throughout each.  You can find a list of references by page number here (thank you, Jennifer). 

How freaking-fantastic-back-flipping-fabulous would a national symphonic tour of the music from this book be?  And I don't mean just the classical scores - wouldn't you like to see orchestral renditions of Rolling Stones songs or G. Love's Beautiful?  Who wouldn't want to see some Radiohead performed like this?  It's a great way to promote reading and music appreciation.  While we're at it, wouldn't pairing it with music from Gayle Forman's If I Stay be an incredible addition?  Oh, to dream!

What do you think? 

Fantastic Books + Wonderful Music = True Love


  1. Wow, loved this post! And I haven't read the books you've mentioned yet but I really want to! I've heard amazing things about both of them.

  2. Cool, Manzoni! I had to memorize one of his poems for a class once.