Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hooray for Fellow Blogger Love!

One of the things I love so, so much about book blogging is the wonderful community of support we have.  I want to send out a special THANK YOU to two bloggers who recently featured my blog on their own blogs.

Missie over at The Unread Reader recently asked me to participate in her 'When I'm Not Reading' feature, and she posted my answer today.  Missie was the catalyst for my becoming a book blogger back in October after I saw her awesome interview with Jeaniene Frost, so I am so happy that I've gotten to know her and now count her as one of my blogging buddies!  Thanks, Missie!  You made my day!  

Kate Evangelista is a blogger and an author, and one of the first people to reach out to me in the blogging community.  About two weeks after I started blogging, I did a an interview for her blog, which she posted this week!  Kate has some amazingly exciting things going on right now - an agent recently signed her, and she currently is working towards her debut novel, Lunar Heat, being published!  Lunar Heat sounds sounds like a  book right up my alley, so please join me in wishing Kate all the luck in the world!  Please check out her site where you can learn more and read the first chapter!


  1. Yay Linds! I'm going over there right now to check out your feature. I love that Missie started that, it's fun to see what everyone else is interested in outside of reading, even if that is what takes up most of our time:)

  2. *blushes*

    Can't wait to find out more about Lunar Heat!

  3. Stalked your interview! You're freaking awesome! Can't wait to see the big blog plans revealed! ;)

  4. ***blushes*** Thank you!

    Missie and Kate rawk.

  5. *wonders how Ms. Austen would feel about "rawk"*

  6. I know I've already said this, but it's really been a pleasure getting to know you and featuring you on Reads, Reviews, Recommends. I would love to interview Missie, too. I hopped over to her blog and like what I saw. And thanks for the positive thoughts toward Lunar Heat. I really appreciate it. :-)