Friday, December 10, 2010

Hey Jenny Downham Fans! Want a Copy of 'You Against Me'? International Giveaway!

Hehe, got your attention, did I?

Newbie blogger Books for Company is having a 100 Follower Contest for a copy of You Against Me by Jenny Downham.  I am posting this for two reasons:

1) I like her blog, and I like helping my fellow newbies out!


2) It's a freaking awesome contest!  You Against Me is not available for purchase here in the States yet.  So, how rad would it be to get a copy?

I know many people who are chomping at the bit for this one.  So, as soon as BfC hits that magical 1-0-0, a winner will be randomly selected!  Go over to her site and check it out!


  1. Thank you Linds for posting this! Really appreciate it and thank you for giving me the support with my blog!
    It's really appreicated, l love your blog so its so nice to see you enjoy mine

  2. No problem! I hope you get a great response on your first giveaway!