Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jane! Free Austen Books!

In case you didn't know, today is the 235th birthday of the beloved Jane Austen.  Now, for whatever reason, Google did a freaking fabulous Doodle for their UK and Australian people, but we US Austen lovers didn't get this on our Google today (total fail, Google).  Here's what it looks like in case you are curious, and here is a link to an article on it from the UK's The Telegraph:

 If that wasn't enough Austen love, Austenprose alerted me that there are FREE E-BOOKS available today from Sourcebook!  These are Austen inspired books, so if you've ever wanted to check some of those out, here's your amazing chance!  Click here to get the link.  Says Austenprose: "Anyone with a digital eReader, or free application on their computer, or blackberry, or iPhone, or Android, or iPad can download the books. Just go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc. online on December 16th and download away! (I highly recommend Barnes & Noble’s free Nook applications if you do not already own an eReader like me! You can read the eBooks on five different electronic devices )"

Thanks, Austenprose, and Happy Birthday, Jane!


  1. WTH US Google! Not fair!

    Happy Birthday Janie!

    My favorite Jane Austen is Persuasion, and it is because of Captain Frederick Wentworth! I know everyone always swoons over Darcy, but Captain Wentworth is the real romantic hero.

    That Letter! *dies*

  2. OMG, seriously? Our favorite Austen title is the same?!?!? Twins, indeed! I heart Anne Eliot, big time - I think I am her!

    Adore Wentworth - ADORE. Do you think Adam from If I Stay can be a modern day Wentworth?


  3. Stop it, Twinnie! I'm Anne Eliot! I even took a trip to Bath to visit all her old haunts. LOL

    Grand gesture Adam is totally a modern day romantic hero!

    Dooood, I'm totally dying to read his book!

  4. Happy birthday Jane! And thank you amazon!! *goes on a downloading spree* weee!

    oh and wtf Google!! Jerks!!

  5. @Missie, okay you have me beat with the trip to bath - I've been to London, though *****heart london****. I wonder how Miss Jane would feel about "Dooood" being in a post that's partly about her - hahahahaha!

    @Straylight - oh, have fun, my friend - I would be doing that also, but can't at the moment. Soon, though, very soon. [taps fingers together and maniacally grins].