Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stationery Ecstasy #1

In addition to books, I am a wee bit into stationery and letter writing in general.  By 'into', I mean 'minor obsession'.  Old school letter writing and correspondence are lost art forms.  I miss the courtesy, elegance and care that used to go into written communication.  A well thought out letter on carefully chosen paper will always trump an e-card or quick phone call.
Elum Creme Brulee
How cute are these invitations from Elum?  A beautifully scripted white invitation is always a classic, but here is a lovely, modern and whimsical take on bygone charm.  I am not normally into silhouettes, but I just love the younger feeling of the ones here.  I wouldn't be able to keep from smiling if I opened my mailbox and found this waiting for me!

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