Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NEWS: Barnes & Noble to Establish Separate Teen Paranormal Romance and Fantasy/Adventure Sections

Now, this is putting your money where your profits are. 

Publishers Weekly recently posted an article announcing that the national chain, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, is in the midst of enacting a nationwide reorganization of their Young Adult and Teen sections. They did a test run in a New Jersey store, and based on those results, this is what's going to happen:

 * paranormal romance and fantasy and adventure will be separated from the main 'Teen Fiction' section and given their own places
* individual teen series will be organized into their respective categories
* there will now be two top ten list displays: one for bestsellers, another for top teen picks
Why this is significant: it's buying power in action.  Even though I like to think that stores like Barnes & Noble exist purely to provide readers like me with a little piece of heaven on earth, they don't.  They exist to make money.  For a major, nationwide chain to go through testing, analysis and then establish a reorganization plan to revamp the entire way it sets up its teen section, it means their employees have seen both profit and growth in those sections and recognize that there are enough profits there to warrant a move that will increase customer satisfaction and its profit margins.  For YA readers of these particular genres, it also means you don't have to go searching for your paranormal fix amongst the Gossip Girls, and you might just find your favorite series amongst ones you hadn't tried or heard of before. 

So go you, you YA readers, with your massive buying power! 

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